Counterterrorism Research

| last update: 2019-04-03

Research Institutions

Nearly all researchers working in the field of security studies mention terrorism at some point. Aside a few institutions are dedicated to the research on terrorism:

Basic Bibliography


There are some scientific journals specialized on the analysis of terrorism.

Overview / Introductions

  • Bruce Hoffman (2006): Inside Terrorism. (New York: Columbia University Press)
  • Alex Schmid (Ed.) (2011): The Routledge Handbook of Terrorism Research
  • Louise Richardson (2006): What Terrorists Want. Understanding the Enemy, Containing the Threat. (Random House)

Suicide Terrorism

  • Robert A. Pape & James K. Feldman (2010): Cutting the Fuse. The Explosion of Global Suicide Terrorism and How to Stop it.


in german language

  • Peter Waldmann (2005, 2. Auflage): Terrorismus. Provokation der Macht
  • Guido Steinberg (2005): Der nahe und der ferne Feind. Die Netzwerke des islamistischen Terrorismus.