Privacy Policy

| last update: 2019-03-01

  • All connections to this site are encrypted using TLS. If you try to access this site without encryption, your browser will be redirected to the encrypted version.
  • This site does not use cookies.
  • All elements of this site are loaded from the same machine located in Germany. No content delivery network (CDN) is used.
  • This server does store anonymized usage logs. For this the last part two bytes your IP address are removed before storage.
  • In order to fend off attacks a second log is analyzed for typical patterns. Examples for this are:
    • failed attempts to interact with administration interfaces
    • scans for common but on this server nonexistent administration interfaces
    • bruteforcing passwords
    • an extremly high access rate
    That second log contains IP addresses, but it is purged after 72 hours. Only if an IP address is found to be the origin of an attack, all connection attempts from that address will be blocked for a week. The specific IP is stored in the firewall configuration for 7 days to ensure that.