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Rüdiger Voigt is a Business Intelligence Consultant and Software Developer. He specializes in creating data warehouses and designing efficient ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.

Rüdiger makes business insights easily accessible through Microsoft Power BI dashboards. Additionally, he provides customized training to clients, equipping them with the skills needed to leverage BI applications and proprietary software effectively.

Beyond his technical roles, Rüdiger is also a political scientist and a doctoral student at the University of Cologne in Germany. His research interests are diverse and interdisciplinary, spanning topics such as machine learning, data science, comparative politics, and international relations.

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  • Datenbanken und SQL
    A compact course on "databases and SQL" held in German language for the Regional Computing Center (RRZK) at the University of Cologne from 2016 to 2019.
  • Einführung in den wissenschaftlichen Textsatz mit LaTeX
    Introductory course to the LaTeX typesetting system held in German language for the Regional Computing Center (RRZK) at the University of Cologne from 2017 to 2019.


I released some of my software as Open Source. You find it on my GitHub profile. The most important projects are these:

A Python framework to build polite, but tenacious crawlers / scrapers with a MariaDB backend.
Smart, Asynchronous Link Tester with Database backend: works with HTML, Markdown and TeX files.
A Python library to check user input for validity and / or plausibility
A Python library that checks whether the running version is compatible and tested. Remind the user to check for updates.

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