Rüdiger Voigt

Rüdiger Voigt, M.A., is a Political Scientist and works in IT as Business Intelligence Consultant. He is an avid Open Source Developer and was Course Instructor for databases and SQL.
He is a doctoral student at the University of Cologne (Germany). His main research interests are machine learning, data science, comparative politics, and international relations.



I released some software I wrote as Open Source:

A Python framework to build polite, but tenacious crawlers / scrapers with a MariaDB backend.
Smart, Asynchronous Link Tester with Database backend: works with HTML, Markdown and TeX files.
A Python library to check user input for validity and / or plausibility
A Python library that checks whether the running version is compatible and tested. Remind the user to check for updates.
A Python library to aggregate files and data.
A Python library to send email. Enforces encryption if not sending via localhost.

Data and Analyses

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