Importing Big CSV Files into Relational Databases like MariaDB or MySQL

November 20, 2016 - Importing files several gigabytes in size into MariaDB using command line tools.

Political Science Journals

November 01, 2016 - my personal list of important scientific journals from the field of political science by topic / subfield.

Terrorism Databases & Reports

November 01, 2016 - An overview of scientic and law enforcement databases regarding terrorism.

Accessing Databases with R

October 03, 2016 - How to access a database management system from within the R environment.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

December 10, 2013: State of the art regarding drones in military use.

Peace & Conflict Studies: Databases and Indices

January 27, 2013: A couple of databases for trend analysis and country comparison in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Social Network Analysis

November 02, 2012: Analyzing networks of people with specialized software. Identifying important persons and assets. Application of this methodology in security studies and counterterrorism.