Database Management Systems (DBMS)

| last update: 2017-11-08

Relational Databases

Name License Comment
MariaDB Open Source Fork of MySQL.
MySQL Open Source Widely used for hosting websites.
PostgreSQL Open Source PostGIS adds support to store geographic objects.
Oracle proprietary
IBM DB2 proprietary
IBM Informix proprietary
Microsoft SQL Server proprietary An intersting new feature of the 2016 edition is the ability to include R-Scripts.
SQLite Open Source Optimized for a light memory footprint.
Firebird Open Source

In-Memory Databases

Name License Comment
SAP HANA proprietary
Terracotta DB proprietary

Graph Databases

Name License Comment
Neo4j proprietary There is a Community Edition.
FlockDB Open Source Developed by Twitter for their usecase. It will not be optimized for multi-hop queries / graph-walking queries.
Oracle Spatial and Graph proprietary

No-SQL Databases

Name License Comment
ArangoDB Open Source
mongoDB Open Source  
Apache HBase Open Source Since 2010 used for Facebook's messaging system. Devoloped as part of the Hadoop project.
Cassandra Open Source  
CouchDB Open Source  

Cloud Databases /Database as a Service

Name License Comment
Amazon SimpleDB
Amazon DynamoDB
Cloud Spanner